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Running Injuries

Physiotherapist Scott Anderson has extensive background in the treatment of running injuries and is experienced working with everyone from elite athletes to casual runners.

His experience includes 13 years with the Canadian national track and field team, a time which included attending the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the Atlanta 1996 Olympics and the Barcelona 1992 Olympics as well as more than 50 national team trips.

During that time, he was exposed to a number of training methods used by coaches and athletes from all over the world and received insight into controversies involving running footwear, training methods, and stretching or other injury prevention routines.

To this day Scott maintains his athlete, coaching and research contacts in order to continue to progress in understanding running injuries, including their prevention and management.

He continues to work in Saskatchewan with runners from local clubs and varsity track and field teams.

Our goal in treating sports injuries focuses on determining the cause of the injury, reducing pain and inflammation, and beginning the healing process as we continue to educate the athlete to prevent recurring injuries.

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to treating sports injuries at every level so athletes can regain their pain-free mobility and return to their sport as quickly as possible.

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