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GAME Evolution of Athletics

GAME Evolution of Athletcs Inc. is here to improve your athletic abilities to the next level. By working closely with Anderson Physiotherapy, we are able to provide functional and sport-specific testing and screening evaluations, improve areas of biomechanical deficiency, and build a reconditioning program tailored specifically for each athlete.

The on-site physiotherapy clinic allows for access to the Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer as well as an aquatic therapy pool with a drop-in hydrostatic treadmill. We also have access to 20,000 sq ft. of training area comprised of a 50x34 yard turf football field, 32x24 yard turf soccer field, and a 24x18 yard rubber basketball court. In addition, there is 5100 sq ft. upstairs being utilized as a training centre with weight lifting equipment and turf area.