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Aquatic Therapy

Anderson Physiotherapy now offers a 12 by 8 foot by 46-inch-deep aquatic therapy pool that includes an AquaGaiter underwater treadmill. Both the aquatic therapy pool and underwater treadmill allow patients to perform new and challenging exercises in a controlled and safe environment in which to exercise due to the water’s buoyancy. The water allows for early weight bearing by unloading the weight and stress on the patient’s joint while providing a supportive buoyancy to their muscles. Athletes are also able to use the aquatic therapy pool for reconditioning purposes as resistance is provided in all planes of movement by the water. The AquaGaiter features variable speed adjustments with a heavy duty or high-speed option. The AquaGaiter was the first commercial underwater treadmill of its kind and continues to be a market leader.

This photo was used from AquaGaiter.

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