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Exercise Is Medicine

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    Scott has spent his career treating athletes at all levels.
  • Injuries We Treat
    Scott has over 30 years of experience working with WCB clients.
  • Find your Injury
    We take a manual therapy and exercise approach to helping you deal with back and neck pain.

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Scott Anderson & Associates Physiotherapy

Scott Anderson & Associates Physiotherapy in Regina, Sask. takes a "hands on" or manual therapy approach to treatment, coupled with exercise components for complete recovery. Through our sports medicine and sports injury focus, we have treated professional and Olympic-level athletes as well as recreational sports enthusiasts. We also have experience in effectively treating workplace injuries and motor vehicle accident injuries. Our modern 2,500 square foot clinic located at 4535 Rochdale Boulevard features the latest in exercise equipment and modern modalities. Other services within our building include a pharmacy, doctors and a diagnostic ultrasound. Our treatment philosophy stems from our firm belief that exercise is medicine.

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